Our parent organisation, Family Routes, has its origins in a charitable organisation established in the 1900s. Read more about our history below.

Family Routes timeline infographic


  • 1900s Church of Ireland Rescue League

  • 1930s Church of Ireland Moral Welfare Association

  • 1950s Church of Ireland Social and Family Welfare Association

  • 1988 Church of Ireland Board for Social Responsibility

  • 2008 Board for Social Action (NI)

  • 2018 Family Routes including Adoption Routes

  • 2023 Family Routes is proud to be a set of knowledgeable and skilled service providers across families’ needs

Adoption Routes History

Adoption Routes is one of the five services provided by Family Routes, an independent charity which offers a range of support and counselling to those affected by adoption and fertility issues.

Adoption Routes was formerly known as the Church of Ireland Adoption Society until 2008.

Family Routes was formally established in 2018 as an independent charitable company registered with 

(a) the Charities Commission for NI (Charity No: 101826) and 

(b) Companies House (Company No: NI24153).