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Find out all you can about adoption: what is it? What is the adoption process? Talk to people who’ve adopted and talk to us!

10 steps to being placed on the list of adopters waiting placement:

Adoption Infographic
Step 1 – Make that initial call. Contact us on T: 028 9073 6080 or email including your phone number.
Step 2 – Someone from our team will call you back for an initial phone conversation to answer your questions and outline the process.
Step 3 – An information meeting will be arranged at your home.
Step 4 – You will be asked to confirm that you wish to proceed.
Step 5 – Invitation to attend a three day ‘Preparation To Adopt’ course.
Step 6 – Allocation of an Assessing Social Worker.
Step 7 – Initial Stage 1 checks including: Access NI (safeguarding), health, references and financial stability.
Step 8 – Adoption Panel.
Step 9 – the Agency Decision Maker will make a decision based on the recommendation of the Adoption Panel.
Step 10 – If approved names added to the list of adopters waiting placement

FIRST: Contact us on T: 028 9073 6080 or E: including your phone number.